Monday, 18 April 2011 09:03

2011-2012: Centenary Adds Knighten

Centenary has added Leviticus Knighten for 2011-2012.  Knighten trains as a L10 at Coast Elite in Florida.  At the recent Region VIII L10 Regionals, she placed 6th AA and 3rd on FX in the Senior D group, earning a trip to the JO Nationals.  As a L9 in 2010, she won the BB and placed 9th AA at the Level 9 Eastern Nationals.

Link:  Centenary Release and Channel

Monday, 18 April 2011 08:56

Men's National Rankings: Final 2011

Here are the final Men's National Rankings, courtesy of Troester GymInfo:

Rank Team Name NCAA Final NCAA Qualifier
1 Stanford 363.450 366.100
2 Oklahoma 361.600 363.500
3 Illinois 360.150 356.000
4 California 358.700 361.800
5 Michigan 356.200 360.650
6 Penn State 355.700 356.000
7 Ohio State 353.750
8 Iowa 348.950
9 Minnesota 346.850
10 Nebraska 345.450

Link: GymInfo

Monday, 18 April 2011 08:54

Women's National Rankings: Final 2011

Here are the final Women's National Rankings from, based on National finish or National Qualifying Score (RQS plus Regional score):

Link:  Full List

Rank Team Name NCAA Final NCAA Prelim NQS
1 Alabama 197.650 197.050 394.395
2 UCLA 197.375 196.500 394.110
3 Oklahoma 197.250 196.775 394.045
4 Nebraska 196.725 196.850 392.825
5 Utah 196.500 196.200 393.045
6 Michigan 196.425 196.700 393.575
7 Florida 196.125 393.615
8 Oregon State 196.100 393.795
9 Georgia 195.450 393.285
10 Arkansas 195.450 392.610
11 Illinois-Champaign 195.100 391.850
12 Kent State 195.000 390.695
13 Boise State 392.395
14 Penn State 392.060
15 Stanford 391.940
16 Ohio State 391.150
17 Denver 391.060
18 Washington 391.000
19 Auburn 390.905
20 L.S.U. 390.880
21 Arizona 390.830
22 Minnesota 390.480
23 Central Michigan 390.265
24 Iowa State 390.125
25 Kentucky 390.120
Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:18

2012-2013: Northey to Washington

Allison Northey has committed to Washington for 2012-2013, according to her club's web site.  Northey recently claimed the VT, UB and AA titles at the 2011 Region II L10 Regionals.  In 2010, she placed 27th AA at the L10 Nationals, Jr. D division.  The prior year, she tied for 5th on BB and placed 36th AA. 

Link: Playlist

Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:10

2011-2012: Ponto to Oregon State

Kailie Ponto is headed to Oregon State next fall, according to her club.  Ponto competed just two events at Regionals this past weekend, after missing most of the season.  She was 33rd AA at the 2010 L10 Nationals, Senior B.  In 2009, she won the L10 National title on BB and placed 24th AA.   

Link:  LEGA Boosters and Channel

Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:05

2011-2012: Li to Yale

Joyce Li has committed to attend Yale, according to her club website.  Li is a L10 at Airborne.  She recently placed 12th AA at the 2011 Region I L10 Regionals, Sr. C.  She tied for 13th AA in 2010.

Link:  Airborne Site and Video Channel

Sunday, 17 April 2011 01:45

Women's Champions Crowned for 2011

The 2011 season is over, and NCAA Champions have been crowned.  Bama won the team title with a spectacular effort, defeating defending champion UCLA.  Michigan's Kylee Botterman won the AA title and the AAI American Award.  Here's the full list of winners:

Sunday, 17 April 2011 01:36

Men's Champions Crowned for 2011

Stanford won the 2011 Men's NCAA team title.  Congratulations to all of the 2011 Champions.  Here's the full recap on the winners.

Sunday, 17 April 2011 17:25

Women's Event Champions Crowned

On Vault, Marissa King stuck her Tsukahara Layout 1 1/2 twist to secure the win.  Her second vault of a layout Tsuk full had a small hop.  OU's Madison Mooring used a Yurchenko Layout 1/2 and a Yurchenko Layout Full to take second.  Erin Davis of NU landed a Yurchenko Layout 1 1/2 but stepped to the side.  She followed that up with a big Layout Yurchenko full.  Only four event finalists attempted two 10.0 start value vaults.

On UB, Kat Ding of Georgia went early and hit her dismount for the win.  Despite what she described as perhaps not her top effort of the year, the consistent Ding nailed her set when it mattered.  Oregon State's Jen Kesler was 2nd.  A trio of athletes tied in third:  Sarah Demeo of Bama, Makayla Stambaugh of Oregon State, and Monique DeLaTorre of UCLA.  Just the smallest of hops separated the top placers, while some favorites took steps on their dismount, and only one fell.

Sam Peszek of UCLA used the event finals as a chance to throw a standing full twisting back tuck into her set.  Her set was packed with difficulty and she was rewarded accordingly.  Bama's Kayla Hoffman and UCLA's Aisha Gerber tied for 2nd.  There were no falls in the final, and just small details separated the top finalists, with exception of Peszek's finals-worthy upgrade.

Geralen Stack-Eaton, who was one bobble away from the AA title, won the individual National title on FX to cap off a great weekend for the Bama faithful.  She hit her double Arabian mount and a double pike dismount to close.  Florida's Maranda Smith tied with Michigan's Kylee Botterman and UCLA's Brittani McCullough for 2nd.  Smith and Botterman both opened with pike full-ins, while McCullough did hers in tuck.  Super high tumbling was evidenced in the finals, with only two finalists not throwing FIG E skills (but both did Ds in combination).  Landing control and dance execution separated the finalists. 

Link:  Scores

Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:45

L10 Regional Results: Recruits in Action

Some of the nation's top up and coming club gymnasts competed at the L10 Regionals this past weekend.  Here's how your favorite incoming recruits and future commits did this weekend.  Check back later for links to videos.  As always, check our Results / Club Results section for links to club meets from across the nation.   All of the Regional results are now available.

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